Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Peeling back the asphalt.

First of all, appologies for having posted little in the way of news or goings-on over the last month. We have just returned home from a 4 week American tour (a delayed excursion plugging 'Zootime' and opening for Klaxons across the states).
I think we'd all agree that hitting the road again for the first time in a year(!) has made the long months of writing and recording the second record all wothwhile. It is one thing combing over and over a new song in the studio, in the hope of creating something resembling perfection, but it is quite another to stand infront of 2000 people at the Filimore Auditorium in San Fansisco and perform it for the first time.

We are currently getting all the new material mixed and have also stumbled across some stunning artwork, which, with a little luck, will end up accompanying our lp when it is released, in the early part of 2008.

Do check back in a couple of days, by which time we will have hopefully sifted through our american tour photo album and worked out how much of it is suitable for reproduction.

In the meantime...

-We will be setting out on a small after-hours club tour across the Uk commencing on the 25th of November to road test new material and show our faces before the year is up. Venues, Support Band and Djs will be announced in the next couple of days. But beware - These will be INTIMATE so get a ticket in advance : )

-We will be selling a twelve inch of a new track + remix at the shows

-If you live in the states, but dont own a copy of 'Zootime', our Hybrid James Ford/Erol Alkan part old/part new Lp, get down to your local indie record store and tell the guy behind the counter to hand that shit over.
(or if you live anywhere else in the world, put 'Zootime' into amazon)

And lastly, heres some things for you to download and play to your friends.

Beirut - La banlieu

Band of Horses - Is there a ghost

The Dirty Projectors - Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie

Dan Deacon - The Crystal Cat

Vampire weekend - Mansard Roof

Klaxons - No diggity (Blackstreet Cover)

Oh and one more thing. Everybody knows this as one of the greatest and most memorable keyboard lines since the creation of human kind...But the video- THE VIDEO!
This came on the other day and all i can say is that i was a happy person for the rest of the day.