Monday, 26 February 2007

I can Phil it coming in the air tonight

Some people like to pretend theyre really down with things which other people regard as stupid. Because in thier minds the only thing cooler than being into something really hot, is being into something really NOT. This is what
Nathan Barley is all about in case you've never watched it.

Well I can geuinely hand-on-heart say ive been a Genesis fan since my dad bought me A Trick of the Tail for christmas seven or eight years ago. You might place that record somewhere between Brain Salad Surgery by ELP and Larks tongues in Aspic by King Crimson or perhaps even near A night at the opera by Queen. Yes its self indulgent and Yes there are extended instremental passages. But what Phil Collins is owed most credit for is his Bean-Flickingly wet Drum sound.

A much-impersonated formula of huge toms, gated reverb and serious EQing. Basically if you want to sample some drums , good old Phil's done half the work for you by wacking them so fucking high up in the mix that you dont even need to worry about getting hold of the seperate files. Besides theyre probably slowly rotting away behind lock and key in a volt in switzerland somewhere.

Well to celebrate Genesis' forthcoming world tour reunion in july I thought it would be appropriate to pay Phil some respect by wacking up one or two of the less cheesy remixes floating about in hyperspace.

Phil collins - Shes' Hearing in the air tonight (lobsterdash mash up)

Phil collins - Easy lover (divided remix)

Phil collins- sussudio (alpha conspiracy mix)


Feedback appreciated as always. For me personally, nothing beats the
original easy lover video. Flying about in Helicopters, wearing cut off jumpers and baggy suits, syrncronised chicken dances, combovers.
Now Thats proper rock star get up.
X Blame