Monday, 12 February 2007


So what have mystery jets been doing all this time? Well, it really depends on since when.
We took a quick relief out of the writing of our 2nd record to play the opening night at our friend Caius' new club Chalk at the scala a few weeks back. We performed as a four piece as an experiment, though rumours quickly circulated round the auditorium that Henry had left the band. He hasnt. The past four months have been spent in studios, bedsits and rehersal rooms all around town and i can assure you that the new material is every bit as much the creation of 5 people as the first one was. Performance and recording have always been two very different things to us, and seeing as we have chosen to book no gigs as yet for 2007 i cant even speculate on how the new record will be recreated on stage.It hasnt been written yet.
However we will of course keep you posted.


All of us have been getting exited by different things happening around town recently.

I first heard of primary one when he did his mental mystery party rerub of diamonds a few months back. But weve been bumping into each other quite alot recently and his stuff is pretty out there. He's only done a couple of remixes(ours and one for a sugarbabe) but his own stuff is BIG. check out his myspace to hear his funky town glitch core future pop.

Late of the pier
Young, good looking and too talented for thier own good: Late of the pier are from near nottingham i am to believe but everyone thinks they live in london due to how much they play here. I didnt think i'd like the sound of 2 unlimited keyboards kicking the shit out of the kind of stuff youd hear on patrick wolf's lycanthropy, but crushed between the shoulders of sweaty underage london clubkids, the effect is somewhat indeniable. Bathroom gurgle was the one which seemed to get even the bouncers attention.
Bathroom gurgle
late of the pier on myspace

encyclopedia pictura videos.
A seemingly new video production company from nyc (i cant be sure though) who apparently have only made two full length music videos.But judging by the fucked-upness of these two badboys, i cant image it will take them too long to fill up thier curriculum vitae.
Grizzly Bear "knife"

Seventeen evergreen "havnt been yourself"

Who needs to brave rainy richmond park during mushroom season when these guys are doing it for you?