Monday, 19 November 2007

Christmas number 1.....

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Hello all...... we have a four day count down till our tour begins and we are extremely excited about the prospect of swooping across the country and saying a big hello to everybody. The last couple of weeks have seen us busy in the rehearsal room, tinkering about with our new songs and trying to get them as close as possible to that place called perfection. Its been so long since we played around England, i can't even remember what places like manchester look like. We've also been getting our album mixed by an amazing chap whose been working all through the day and night, couped up in a studio somewhere around the Hollywood Hills, his name is Nick Launey and he's been responsible for the mixing duties on records such as "Neon Bible" (Arcade Fire) and "Grinderman" ( Grinderman). He also played a big part on an album called "Flowers of Romance" by PIL, it was the third album they made and the last with Keith Levene, its very unusual sounding, but in a good way.....have a look at this:

Has anyone seen the videos we've made for some of our new songs???we've always enjoyed fiddling about with video cameras (Kai in particular), and so decided to make a series of trailers for our new songs. They were a lot of fun to do, and this one (Flakes) involved us buying about twenty goose feather pillows, and then having them explode during one of the more climatic moments of the song. The feathers got everywhere, in our hair, down our throats....some of us had to evacuate from the fits of coughing that they were inducing. Still i think it was worth it, and i also think it was quite appropriate, Christmas is, after all, only around the corner, and the swarms of goose feathers clouding the air could quite easily be mistaken for snow fact i think i can say that Flakes is our Christmas present to the world, our sketchy attempt at a christmas number One. Enjoy.

Oh and here's Kapil, with his attempt at a christmas number One.Its called "Morron 5".

Love William.X