Monday, 26 April 2010


Seeing as im not a woman, i can't whole-heartly testify to this, but I reckon waiting for your record to come out is a lot like waiting for childbirth. In a sense, the fun bit (conceiving it) is done, those glorious and balmy nights are behind us. What now lies ahead is the final push before our third offspring is released out into the world, where it will go on to live a life of it's own.

July the 5th is set to be the big day, and providing all goes to plan, i can happily say that i don't think you'll be dissapointed with what we're getting ready for you to lay your hands on. For the first time, we will be simultaniously releasing a Heavy weight Gatefold 12 inch version of the record as well as your more traditional formats. I won't go too deep into the details so as not to spoil the suprise, but if you ARE a vinyl junkie rest assured, july 5th will be your day, and well worth the bus fare to your local record store.
Once again we have been working alongside our favorite photographer Nacho Alegre on the sleeve (He shot the Twenty One cover), but this time commisoned the designers of Milan's Apartamento magazine to art direct the whole show. For those of you who've never picked up a copy, Apartamento frequently features sexy ladies like Chloe Sevigny or Kim Deal showing photgaphers round thier closets and giving guided tours of thier ridiculous shoe and/or guitar collections, and is well worth a read if a copy ever comes your way.

As i write, the boys and myself were supposed to have scattered ourselves to the furthest points of the northern hemisphere as a means to a modest vacation before the shitstorm of summer festivals (Tel Aviv, Cuba, NYC), but me being me, I must have spoken to soon.
That said, I am suprisingly thankfull that it was mother nature who took it upon herself to draw our carbon emissions to a ten day hiatus for once, even if my chance to taste Havana in the final throws of communism may be lost foever : (
Long story short, we are however each making healthy progress on our holiday assignement for what it's worth. Given the sufficient time we seemed to have set aside to find an inspired choice for the "flash..." video, it was decided we would call off the search altogether and make one ourselves, comprised of four individual segments shot on our various provincial ecscursions.

I can only speak for myself, but lets just say there's been some frankly dangerous semi-nude lawn mowing sessions whilst filming my segments down here in darkest Dordogne. I'm not saying it's gonna be anything like as hardcore as that Girls video, but let me tell you, and tell you straight.

Coming soon to a screen near you...

X Blaine