Thursday, 15 February 2007

First Kerblam! remix

As we've been slowly getting to grips with the world of DJing and learning the tricks of the trade, we decided at the end of last year to try and do a remix of our own, which will hopefully be the first of many!
I found a Chic best of in a really cool second hand cd shop in Glasgow and decided to learn a bit from the disco giants.
I took 'Dance Dance Dance' and messed around with Blaine's 303 drum machine and here's the result. It's not exactly how i expected it to turn out, but think it's a reasonable start. It was a load of fun to make, and please give any feedback!!!

The link is:

You may be wondering what Kerblam! is... its basically a dj name we came up with after playing one night... i think it was inspired by the batman and robin tv series, and should be pronounced in cartoon form like Pow! and Whaam! etc... drunken creativity eh...
let us know what you think...
till the next,
love kai


Some of you will remember Leslie Feist's mushaboom as "That song of that advert"...Which indeed it was. But when the postal service got thier hands on it, This happened.
Thier version is still pretty soft on the ear, but those of you who are into people like vashti bunyan and joanna newsome and animal collective will agree that theres nothing wrong with making music which makes you want to invite your neighbours round for a naturists picnic.
mushaboom (postal service naked lunch scrub)

TALKING OF ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, can you believe they had the cheek to actually do what umpteens of trendy New York bands would rather perish without food and water than be caught doing? Believe it of not they took two bites out of the 10 million copy-selling Nervermind and fed it back out though thier noise encancing generators and signal warping harmonic defrangmentors at a radio session not too long ago.
Animal Collective - polly mp3
Animal Collective - On a plain mp3
I like these but then i am a hideously subjecive animal collective groupie. I once asked Panda bear (AC drummer/madcap) to write the first thing that came into his mind into my diary after a solo show, and ive still got it. My plan is to ask Robert Wyatt to sing the words onto a dictophone which i will then send to jeremy Barnes (hawk and a hacksaw) to play drums on and then pass onto jeff mangum who could put some guitar down and then post it on to Beirut's Zach condon for brass and backing voices. When i eventually get the tape back i will douse it in petroleum, and fire it into the night sky, where with a little bit of luck an old and greying joe meek will have his hands stretched out to catch it, and put it all together.
Watch this space.

What a good year for the roses

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Well Seeing as this week is the most loved-up week of the year, i thought it would be appropriate to post something of a heart warming nature. Watching the Arcade fire at Reading festival a couple of years back was definitely pretty high up there in terms of coming close to a religious musical experience. I was therefore most pissed off when i found out about The Arcade fire playing in st Johns Church about 5 days too late. My friend went and said the only downer was that the sound was kind of washy inside the room.Well i think he was probably just saying that to make me feel a bit better about missing out on

Now this next nugget is hardly hot off the press. But i fell upon it by accident on my ipod the other day, which reminded me how pretty it is. Julian Casablancas playing "Ill try anything once" (an early demo of you only live once) all on his own, sat at a fender rhodes.
Induldge here