Tuesday, 20 February 2007


Zootime is the name of our US-only album soon to be released on Dim Mak, Steve Aoki's hollywood based label, past and present home to the likes of Battles, Bloc Party, The Rakes, Gossip, Von Blondies and Scanners. I believe the record is due for release in april but for a more accurate estimation check the Dim Mak site in the up and coming weeks.
If you look at the track listing below, you will notice that a few numbers off 'Making Dens' have been subsituted for newer recordings. In a sense 'Zootime' is a compilation of some of our favorite recordings of the past 18 months, regardless of where abouts each one might have origiinally surfaced. We figured that people are always going to be able to get hold of 'Making Dens' on import or off the web anyway (in much the same way as the american EP is available over here), so why not put together something completely new with some pretty old school looking graphics on there too?
Heres how it will sound:

Diamonds in the Dark.
Inside Four Walls
Scarecrows in the rain
The Boy who ran away
Soluble in air
Horsedrawn Cart
You Can't fool me Dennis
Puprle prose of Cairo
Little Bag of Hair

At christmas we put up a free download of umbrellahead (Erol Alkan's version) on our website. Well, incase you missed out on it, here is the link again:
Umbrellahead MP3
Hold CTRL when you click on the link and choose "download linked file"
Check out Steve Aoki's own kickass blog here
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keiko said...

Are you going to mix Dennis again to take out the bit of the overture from the beginning, or use the single version? (but then it can't connect to Purple Prose I suppose?)
In any case I'm looking forward to it, especially as it's the first time Umbrellahead will be on CD :)
Wish you the best with the american release.

labourer_iatt said...

great news!
looking foward to listen new versions of Dens songs...

kari said...

this sounds beautiful.