Thursday, 15 February 2007

What a good year for the roses

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Well Seeing as this week is the most loved-up week of the year, i thought it would be appropriate to post something of a heart warming nature. Watching the Arcade fire at Reading festival a couple of years back was definitely pretty high up there in terms of coming close to a religious musical experience. I was therefore most pissed off when i found out about The Arcade fire playing in st Johns Church about 5 days too late. My friend went and said the only downer was that the sound was kind of washy inside the room.Well i think he was probably just saying that to make me feel a bit better about missing out on

Now this next nugget is hardly hot off the press. But i fell upon it by accident on my ipod the other day, which reminded me how pretty it is. Julian Casablancas playing "Ill try anything once" (an early demo of you only live once) all on his own, sat at a fender rhodes.
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anna said...

good choices of songs (and video), man. this blog thing is genius, cheers x

Marina said...

You write very well.