Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Its our last week in the studio, Kai's flown away to Barcelona for a holiday in the sun, Kapil's off to Egypt tomorrow with his family, and these last 3 days are going to be a mad rush to finish everything we've started. About eight songs have been completed and we're all over the moon about how they sound. I don't really know what to write, the last month has been so manic and tiring....we've all blossomed into brilliant ping-pong players, had wonderful chats with Ray Davies (The Kinks... wrote Waterloo Sunset amongst other classics) about working late nights in recording studios, been living off genius cafe lattes from Ben (our engineer) and generally scraping through the routine of late nights and early starts. Last night saw the whole of Team Mystery doing its best female gospel singing around one microphone, we all sounded like old ladies at a sunday church service....its amazing what a pinch of reverb and some studio tomfoolery can do though, it actully sounds quite good.Kaps is just about to record a jug, its a bit of a wild card but its working as a percussive sound and resembles a tabla drum.
Anyway, here are some songs that we've been really getting into.One is a new track from Bjork called "Earth Intruders" and the others i won't reveal the identity of, but they are brilliant and very eagerly anticipated by the rest of the world.
Hope you've all been very well, here's a home made video documenting what we've been up to.

Lots of love,


krisan said...

tight video. looking forward to the new recordings as always, enjoy the break!

Simone Smith said...

Ahahah that video was killer!

Thanks for the mp3s too!

Brunette Baby said...

Excellent choice of mp3s! Loved the video as well. Can't wait to see what you get yourselves up to next.

Ronojoy said...

There were some William Wickerman faces in that video. Very very excited about forthcoming recordings.

ps. It's all about top-spin.

anneke said...

that video was even worse than the last one! but in a good way ;)

i loved that monochrome set song that was posted before btw. can't wait to hear and see new stuff from you all. don't forget holland ;)