Monday, 7 May 2007

Berlin Show Tonight

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Afternoon friends! We’re in Berlin right now to celebrate William´s birthday, and we´ve been invited to play a little show tonight by a friend of ours.
If by chance you are in Berlin this evening, then you´d be more than welcome to come down, have a drink, and listen to some new songs we’re working on for the second album.
With love,

Come for 10 pm

Address: Leberstraße 61, at the corner of Leuthener Straße.
Mini Markt, nearest tube station Schöneberg, Sudkreuz, Berlin.


krisan said...

well happy birthday william boy!

Kate said...

Happy birthday William! This is Kate - I met you with the other night at Jamie T with Daniel...just came online to check out your site and discovered it's your birthday so have a very happy birthday and hope you have a great night! My birthday's on Wednesday! See you guys the next time you play a gig in London!


Anonymous said...

Wow,what a lovely picture.
Happy Birthday William again!!


Anonymous said...

My gift to you is that if I ever bump into you or indeed the rest of the band again I will shut the hell up and stop making a cringeworthy fool of myself.
I hope the show went well and all that.


kari said...

a bit belated, but still sincere...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WILLIAM :):)

krisan said...

you guys seriously need an email address, because i don't myspace and us chicago kids are CONFUSED!!

okay, schubas is happenening but apparently empty bottle isn't?? according to the venue, etc, you guys AREN'T playing that show. and its coming up pretty close and we all want two shows around here! if you need something worked out, we can help you set you up another show here and promote it, etc. i better hear from someone, we're freaking out yo!

kari said...

Tuesday 6/5/2007
"Mystery Jets canceled due to immigration issues."


krisan, the american said...


RAAARY said...

in something completly unrelated, in the video on the actual mystery jets website, i do believe my head appears next to Williams arm!

i was the girl that played your bells.

not that that is very special, but it was fun!

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

are you still in Berlin?
Come to London soon