Tuesday, 19 June 2007


If you ask me, It really is all about cosy shows. You know the Kind. Where strangers' asses rub up alarmingly close against groins, and where your arms are either above your head (punching the air, as they should be) or by your sides (checking other peoples coat pockets for 'spare cigarettes).
Well, in celebration of this revelation, we decided to play in some damn right hot and sweaty little rooms, just for fun.
The first BORN UNDER PUCHES, to be held at the lauch of hot new blog txtxtxt at corsica studios next thursday will be the first of a series of intimate nights, where we will be putting on acts and djs who we think others ought to know about. This month we have a killer bill, but im paticularily looking forward to Riton's set. Remixer de haute gamme and up n coming posterboy of the ableton generation.

The worst part about not having played a show for near to 7 months (bar a one-off at the opening night of indie superclub Chalk in january) is that you actually start to wonder how you ever did it in the first place. Sure, touring is a trot. Watching tireless roadies carry your guitars and drumkits in and out of clubs each evening whilst ridding your tourbus mini-Bar of its contents is hardly the stuff of a bum's worst nightmare.
Its the idea of actually getting up there and tearing your heart out infront of people who have come there for the sole reason of watching you get up and tear your heart out in front of them that scares the shit out of me.
Fuck, like how did i EVER do that?

Which is why we decided to do some shows with the mighty Late of the Pier for company.
Famous already on blogs like fluokids and skulljuice for thier hotwired gary numan-silicon teens-queen fused sound, they really are the Gary Glitters of how to translate laptop wizardry into full 24 Bit technicolour live, explosive spunk.
If youve not heard them stop reading this shit and witness 'The bears are coming" off thier myspace.
It more lively than life itself
Its the sound of the the day after tomorrow, created using a circuit-bent speak and spell and sent back in time to warn the children of today of what awaits them just over the horizon. And we like.

Noah and the whale are a 5 piece from west london doing exactly what any band with half an inch of raw talent ought be doing. They are playing thier man tits off. The trick with building up a fanbase appears, actually, as less of a trick once you realise one key thing.
The more people see you play, and the more the same people see you play again and again, the more your songs will penetrate thier little heads. You dont even have to be good. Gwen stephani has built an entire solo career off writing songs which endlessly repeat the same, horribly unforgettable hook from astart to finish. Its kind of odd more talentless people havn't realised that you could sample your self barfing and loop it over a 4/4 beat and have a cult hit on your hands.

Luckily noah and the whale are a different kettle of fish and write songs that even guys like jeff lewis or conor obherst would pay good american dollars to take home in thier top pockets.
A delightfull combination of harmonium, folk guitars, Basement tapes boogie and charles' heartfelt vocal chords make noah and the whale the best thing since neutral milk hotel hung up their thrift store parker coats at the end of the airplane over the sea tour. If you are coming to the corsica show, get there early or you may very well miss out.
noah and the whales' myspace

Well, on the jets front, i think i could almost safely say we are well on the way to having an album on our hands that we are most proud of. It still has some way to go before it reaches completion, but hearing erol's latest mixes has made the long months of writing and arranging all worth the while. We may even play you one or two if you come down to one of the three shows next week. Expect squeltching guitar parts designed to replicate crashing computers, Synthetic bass workouts and a big lyrical hook borowed from a certain magic FM eighties classic.
Heres a clue..



rupesh said...

you really are confusing things ...i 4 1 aint got a fucking clue whats going on

Anonymous said...

well u have confused me ...still maybe cause i'm getting old

Anonymous said...

can u buy tickets on the doooooor?

Nathan said...

I'm going to say that's the GAP band or maybe Brick. Maybe...

catalina said...

haaaa, gwen's solo career. sad, but true :/

i honestly can't wait for the new album (or for the rescheduled US tour)!

Nathan said...


Anonymous said...

Hmm.....no clue yet.

Liam said...

Good work at Tap the other night lads, really worked it well. Everybody had a great time, you should definitely come back when the album comes out and play again. Cheers.

krisan said...

noah and the whale = <3

jeffrey lewis = double <3

labourer_iatt said...

Born Unde Punches you mentioned is Talking Heads'?
Wanna hear the song

jeremiah said...

saw you play on last call - fantastic.

Anonymous said...

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