Thursday, 24 January 2008

Young Love

Ello ello,

Ok, so young love is going to be the first single off our new album '21', and here's a little taster.
It's from last saturday when we played in paris with our lovely friend Thom Henley.

Hope you like.
Kai x


Anonymous said...

I'm writing from a magazine and need to get in touch with your publicist or manager to answer a few questions. Is there an email address where I can email someone? Thanks!

anneke said...

i've loved this song since i've heard it for the first time at the bloomsbury ballroom. its a grea choice for a single i think.

kari said...

this just may be my favorite song (of all time). it lives in my bloodstream and charges my heart...something close to that at least.

much rival joustas lovin too. henley is rad dude with bitchin beats.

maggie said...

I was there in Paris, I really like you guys!!!
This song is really great! ;-)

milk ! said...

wat a beaut of a song !

jehan said...

was such a good gig at fleche d'or. can't wait for the new releases!!

Star Fox said...

Whoa this is an amazing amazing tune, fantastic vid as well if you boys ever come to philly i will be front row singing all the songs i'm not s'posed to kno cuz your album hasn't come out yet. but the bridge or chorus of that song "one night of love..." ALWAYS gets me dancing in the best way.

s culbert said...

Am off sick this week and forced to watch terrible movies including Songs and Lyrics which stars Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. It seems that the song they co-write has used the refrain from Young Love. Are you aware of this?