Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Hey y'all. Sorry its been a while.
Big post coming up later this week. In the meantime though, see what you think about this:

Im always suspicious when a new band like Hurts turns up completely unanounced and out of the blue. Especially when they look like burberry models yet appear to be able to write near perfect O.M.D style pop bombs like "Wonderful life". weird right?
Actualy no. Turns out it was penned by the guy who wrote "wannabe".
Theyre Good at quiffs though.

Next years THE XX?? or
Next years JEDWARD??
you decide.


Anonymous said...! Definitely not the next xx. What's with the girl's bizarre gyrations?! Almost quite disturbing...

Keiko said...

For a moment (before watching the video or scrolling down to read your notes) I thought it was a cover of Black's Wonderful Life... they do look like they might cover it! In fact it is really linked to the Black video, haha. Good song anyway, shame they didn't write it themselves.

Anonymous said...

yay!!!!your back!!!!!!!!!!!!
have you guys just been in the studio for awhile?wish you the best of luck if you guys are!!!

Nastasia Alberti said...

they're really good. And this song is brilliant... X

Anonymous said...

Great come back with this post guys !
Amazing song, Amazing black and white movie and Amazing... dance of the girl. Love Hurts. Love you. x

Diaty said...

hu, sounds like early George Michael's voice on lately Chris Corner's shit stuff. Don't really like it: to much easy beats in the air.

Carl said...

Nooo! HURTS are signed to Richard Stannard's Sony Label. He didn't write the song! Does it sound like Wannabe?! Amazing song, amazing video. Like a Gothic Prince!

Kerstin said...

well, it's ok. it's an instant pleasure and it's nice to listen to, but those type of songs don't last. I get fed up with pretty soon. and there's nothing gothic about it. and he's got no characterstic voice. lame. and that dreadful 80's sax... oh dear.
Also, I agree with you Keiko. Shame they didn't write it themselves. Can't take such bands too seriously. also, why is every second girl's name "Suzie"? geez, a bit more creativity would be nice. ;o) ok, I think I better stop.
looking forward to those MJ news now.

Anonymous said...

I reckon they sound like what a record company thinks teenagers will like..

Good to see you guys are back! Can't wait to hear new tracks :)


Anonymous said...

le big post? X

witchdoctor said...

you're back, please don't leave it that long again :)

a catchy tune...clip tries a little too hard though

Anonymous said...

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Kerstin said...

I hate to admit, but I really like this song now. I hate when this happens. ;o)