Thursday, 28 January 2010

Tour Tales Numero Un.

Ok, so we've been on the road with the Arctic Monkeys all of two days. The first night took us to Milan (our first gig in Italia) and it was pleasant to be received so warmly. Now we are in Grenoble....which is where i always assumed a huge nuclear catastrophe had occurred, but as a local kindly pointed out, that was Chernoble. It's always a little frightening stepping onto a big tour, where you're a very small cog in a gigantic touring machine, but despite fears of turf wars between crew members and band rivalry, everything seems to be running very smoothly. As i write, the dying chords of Fluorescent Adolescent ring about the arena, and a final blast from the audience sings out. It's brilliant to be supporting a band whose songs we not only love, but whose lyrics we know off by heart, and to add to all this they are actually very friendly,down to earth folk. At this early stage in the tour there is very little to report,although one secret i feel compelled to share with you is this: "Kai's Lemon Delight"
Before you're mind starts running wild with all manner of blasphemous images, Kai and an innocent lemon being the main protagonists, let me tell you that this secret isn't even mildly pornographic. Sorry. It's a drink. A very simple one....and you will love it. Splash two shots of disaronno in a glass, throw casually a handful of ice into the mellee, find to hand a sharp and servile knife and then cut a lemon in two. Grip this lemon firmly in one palm and squeeze. SQUEEZE like a women squeezes the hand of her beloved whilst in labour, SQUEEZE as if pushing through the crowd to the front of your favourite bands gig, SQUEEZE like you've had a difficult dinner of sea food at a soho restaurant and now find yourself in the lavatory. And then stir. This my dear cyber friends is "Kai's Lemon Delight" and its here for your enjoyment. Remember one or two will do the trick, get you feeling like the super heroes you really are.

So thats it for tour tales part 1. Obviously i've totally exaggerated and fabricated when it comes to painting a picture that could be described as anything near the truth, but thats creative license... and anyway, touring is a huge unstoppable cyclone of rumours, truths, noise and fast foods.
I'll be back soon to fill the ether net with more non-sense that no-one needs apart from maybe myself, and until then....i wish you the sweetest of dreams. Kai's calling me from the liquor cabinet.


anna said...

I can't avoid the laugh while reading your delightful words, dear william. hope you guys are having fun in the tour :-)

Mathilde Edith said...

Thank you so much, again and again dear mystery for your gigs in grenoble... That was just amazing, I was in front of the stage, blond girl who dance and sing with a big smile because you're just...wouaou. I dreamed to see you, and now, I want to see you again and again, your music is just the music which I wanted to hear.. You are my first influence and I hope to do music as goog as yours one day...Because you're just fucking good...I will never forget this gigs, the best first part I've never seen. I hope to see you soon, I come in london this summer...Thank you again and again, you make dream, the feelings and the happiness which i've feel during your gigs were unique, you are surprising boys, Love you Mystery Jets... Thank you...Merci... xxx Mathilde

" Here is a pen write out my name " said...

I was also in Grenoble too far from the stage ( I was surprised to read that you've thought that it was the town of the famous nuclear catastrophe of Chernobyl ^^)
I didn't know you before the concert but one of my friends told me that you were amazing and I'm not disapointed at all !
It was extraordinary =) I really love your kind of music so thank you for everything we need some bands like you in this world ^^
Anyway I hope to see you again =)

I keep listening to "Two Doors Down" it seems I'm breathing some of the air of the 80's ='D

Sorry for my bad english ...

Bonne chance pour la suite !

King_leer said...

Hi Folks,
Hope to meet you tomorrow at Porto. Jon (F-10) got me into it. I believe we'll be in touch soon for a DJ-set maybe. Love your music.


fact-fiction said...

That's true that the part where the venue is in Grenoble looks like if a nuclear catastrophe had happened (and the day you came the weather was not great) but in a sunny day, in the center of the city, that's just beautiful :)
By the way, your gig was really cool ! x

Daniel Moore said...

Good to hear you're enjoying yourselves. I'll be sure to try one of kai's lemon delights. can't wait for your third album.

Guylaine said...

I saw you in Rennes and you were great !!

Lucaz said...

guys, i hope that when the arctic monkeys come to play in Brazil, the mistery jets could come with them, because your have such good fans here. there's thousands of fans wishing to see the jets.

can't wait for the new album.

all the best,

(Sorry for my bad english ...)

Rouge said...

...hey, boys! I saw you in Barcelona! pure energy! you know how to connect with the public and that's amazing! hope you come back soon, really (:


Laura said...

Great gig last night in Valencia. You were amazing!
Still having fun on tour :) x

總共多少 said...

thank u........................................

Anonymous said...

Come back to BORDEAUX please !!
I'm waiting ur gig guys!:P
You were really good at the first part of Arctic Monkeys!