Friday, 2 March 2007


Hello hello, so i gather my ??? mystery song wasn't so mysterious afterall, as the song and the artist name appear when you download it....well, what can you do. Click here ??? and now runaway from your computer screen....whose song is it?guess.....first person to find it out can pat themselves on the back.
I ventured into the NME awards (when i say ventured i mean i blagged it in pretending to be one of the stage crew) and found myself sitting next to the charming Jamie T, it was lovely to see him and he did me proud when he won the "best solo artist" award, definately deserved it i think.I was absolutely aghast when i heard the Twang won some sort of award, i absolutely don't approve of thier second-rate oasis sound....i also felt pretty sorry for lily allen, scooping the worst dressed award, i think she always wears wicked clothes... big dresses, nike trainers and gold necklaces.Our manager and Kai also snuck in with me, it was quite fun, feeling like secret agents who'd infiltrated the awards show...Kai challenged us to a drinking game, the loser of which having to go up to where the awards were being dished out and say something ridiculous over the microphone, luckily we never got round to it though, i probably would have lost being the terrible light weight that am anyway...and made a complete prat out of myself. Anyway, our manager was chewing the ear off Kai Stephens (the hard-fi bass player), the only other man in rock other than our own bass playing misanthrope called Kai, while meanwhile said bass player was running around, finishing off the drinks of the rich and famous. I generally stood about looking boring, i was dogged by a slight headache, and ended up having conversations with various Klaxons and one of the original Jesus and Mary Chain members in and around the mens toilets. I have to say, the total hero of the night was Billy Bragg, i reckon he is responsible for some of the most beautiful and subversive songs written in the last 20years and he also had some really interesting stuff to say when he went up to present an award.In his deep Essex accent he spoke of how he was donating cheap argos guitars to prisons, in a project to get criminals and convicts into music and away from their former lives of violence and crime.He was the only person who had something worthwhile to say, and in his honour i'm going to give you a song of was originally a b-side, made in the early eighties on a four track recorder.I think he was living in west london at the time, our neck of the woods and this song holds a lot of memories for me......hope you like it

Any way, we should be writing songs, but Kai has decided that he wants to lounge around smoking his infamous shisha pipe, and acting like some kind of french duke...i would show you some photos of this act of laziness, but he has just started having a play fight with his girlfriend and i don't think they'd appreciate having the spotlight on them in one of thier more intimate moments.
I hope you are all fine and dandy, i'm going to get on with a bit of music and get old mr Fish involved too.....
take care,


johnnylvg said...

good to see everythings safe n coming along..
cant wait to check out ur new album

krisan said...

unfortunately, i can't save a song on my computer with my eyes shut. it is something i have yet to master. but arcade fire...bravo! neon bible is too fantastic.

cute photo. and jamie t IS charming.

James Briscoe said...

How the # did I not realise it was The Arcade Fire?! Nevermind, it's a very relaxing song - niiiice. I bet you (Will) felt like a right third wheel! I wish you had lost that bet and had to have gone up on stage at the NME's; would've been a nice surprise to see you on TV again...

James Briscoe xxx

Jes said...

haha your manager likes to bite people yeh?!
think i recall meeting you once and telling us about ur night out in dublin with your manager biting you leg... i think!

Looking forward to hearing your new stuff,