Tuesday, 6 March 2007


On the 22nd of march we will be battling numerous others in the UK's first ipod battle, to be held in bethnal green working mens club. Basically, heres how it works:

-Teams (comprising of two or three people) get a minute to sonically stamp thier oponents into the dirt, without the use of mixing or effects. Just a plain old ipod.
-The two teams in the ring (a real boxing ring) battle it out, back and forth until a horn is sounded at the end of the 20 minute-long round.
-Using a decibelometer the referee measures the crowds' reaction to each teams' performance.
-Competition is evened out by allowing each team an equal amount of seats in the ringside.
-The team with the more applause stay on to the next round where a new opponent faces them in the ring.
-And the prize? errr...an ipod?

Other teams feature

More info on the official ipod battle UK page here

Ipod battles are nothing new to the french, check out the carnage right here:

Im not in a position to give away any clues as to what we are going to be cueing up at this stage in the game.
But lets just say that if you like the Pet shop boys, you might want to walk this way.



labourer_iatt said...

That's amazing!!!!!
We absolutely support Mystery Jets(team blue).

anyway congratulations for your 1st anniversary date for releasing Making Dens.(it was yesterday,right?
We always love your music!

krisan said...

unrelated; AHHHH YOU ARE COMING TO CHICAGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NJ said...

Queens of Noize are going to destroy everyone. Just stating a sorry fact here.

kari said...

holy shit. you guys are playing chicago!!! color me excited! this is going to be fucking insane, guys.

Laurelene said...

Hey love, if you want to use only the right or left side of the flyer so it fits on the blog, you can get it from our pics on the myspace page.

I am nervous but super exited.
Can't wait to see who will win!

Lots of love

Mart said...

kerpow...west end girls and the jets knock out a killer blow. sounds a funny night.

mart svengali x

kari said...

*completely unrelated, but i can't seem to find another way to contact you guys (i don't have a myspace).*

alright, so my two friends and i are literally your biggest (american) fans, although we have never been able to see you because we live in the chicago area. i guess it would be an understatement to say that we flipped out when we found out you guys were coming to chicago, but yea...we went completely mental. however, our ages are 18, 19, and 20 and one of the chicago shows is mos def 21+. are you guys absolutely married to the idea of playing at empty bottle? (it isn't all that it is cracked up to be). the drinking age here sucks, but there are a lot of great low-key venues in chicago that are totally up for 18+/all ages shows. :)

now, the other show hasn't been announced. however, under the bands request, the show can be 18+ :) i have been trying to talk to the people at schubas about assuring that the show will be 18+ for some time now, but i fear that they will up the age just to spite me. there is a good chance that the show will be 18+, but it isn't a certainty. we are considering driving about 8 hours plus to see you guys in toronto. however, the information on that show is also very limited.

oh yea, we once made we are scientists a three layer mystery jets cake with the request from keith that we make you a three layer we are scientists cake....tempting, no?

to end this, you guys have literally changed our lives. you have exposed us to a whole world of music that we had otherwise been completely unaware of. thank you so much for making music that has meaning and purpose. seeing mystery jets live would only top of the extraordinary journey you have taken us on with your music.

peace out


Anonymous said...

Bonjour!Just wanted to say William that it was a pleasure to have met u @ the end of the earth...despite not having heard anyof the Mystery Jets music I shall go out n sample it!!Oh by the way I'm the girl with the long hair dark tan dancing like a banshee in a black dress. Have an awesome wk xxAmie