Tuesday, 27 March 2007

In the beginning.

Soooo....we've been in the studio for about 48hours now, i don't quite know where we are, somewhere in the depths of leafy north London, the old hunting ground of the Kinks apparently. We've been rapidly unpacking all our gear, changing guitar strings, drum skins, running around the place, playing killer games of ping pong, making sure everything sounds good through the mixing desk and generally treading the fine line between mischief and music making. We've got the foundations for our first song in place too.....its just drums and bass right now, but we're about to do the vocals and duran-stlye keyboard parts so i'll make a little dictaphone sample of it in a couple of hours and stick it up on the blog so you can hear it. We also found a bit of time to make a short film for everyone to see, Erol directs it, and we all play the lead roles, with Kai making a topless cameo appearence in it.Let us know what you think, its the first part in a conceptual series that we'll be executing in the coming weeks, involving food, indoor sports and whatever else we can get our hands on.......

[A little message to everyone in america who wants to come to our gigs:
We are hassling our managers and booking agents to try and sort out some under 21's shows, its proving quite tricky but we're doing our best to organise it. Another idea we had, would be to play an acoustic show in every town that we visit,i.e. doing matinee gigs in independant record stores.Send us a message if you have any brain waves...but either way,if we can't do any under21's gigs there is always the backdoor, and we can do commando style missions to sneak people in and avoid the bouncers.
hope your well, lots of love.


rupesh said...

word up william ... i met u at the nme rave tour with my wife... i was off my face and didnt have any quirky things to say ..except ' u cant fool me dennis'

and u did mention the blogspot ...but i couldnt remember what day it was so i was glad the mega post was sent

take care


Anonymous said...

I checked the Troubadour's website and there's some other show listed for June 14 not yours!


krisan said...

my god, it is so comforting to know that you guys really are pushing for the under 21 thing here. i'm already stunned that i'm in the possesion of mystery jets tickets for the schubas gig, this really put it over the top. somebody tell me i'm dreaming all of this, honestly. band of my dreams.

krisan said...

oh yeah, and that video is just plain tight yo!!!

kari said...

dear william rees, i love you. even if something goes askew and one of the shows is 21+ in chicago, we will be there supporting...even if we have to listen through a crack in the window. it is worth it!


catalina said...

acoustic shows would be bliss. there's this sweet little record shop in chicago that's very close to Schubas and the owner is a really great guy, but i think the shop may be too small for an instore gig. i'm going to try and give him a call and find out of he would be willing to work something out. :)

Carolla said...

I am planing to go to the gig at chicago. So, i would like to know when and where can i buy the tickets. I can't miss this concert. ZOOTIME!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kapil;

I lost your e-mail address to send info about our silly diving video. This can be found on Youtube, titled 'Red Sea Chicken Head'

Have heard your music - love it. When are you playing anywhere along the south coast?

Love to your Mum,