Thursday, 29 March 2007


UNTIL we put the finishing touches to Erol's second venture into fly on the wall film making, Id like to point you in the direction of a handfull of videos which weve been lapping up. Not so say weve been lounging about wasting precious recording time on cheap Craic. That would be a gross understatement. After all everybody knows the overwhelming cultural significance of a healthy youtube education.

Foals comprises of 5 people, two of which, jack and yannis, used to play in the worlds greatest math rock trio, The edmund Fitzgerald. I saw them about 3 times with youth movie soundtrack strategies and was never anything but speechless by the time they staggered off stage. Though Foals were born out the Ed Fitz's dying embers, they have a quite different adgenda. The rythyms are beeline, the guitars sound like a ping pong competition and the vocals are delivered cantankerously. Check it.

Alongside the Attractions and Devo, XTC are one of my favourite bands of the new wave era. Statue of liberty, if you read the lyrics is litteraly about a love affair with the green-coloured lady with the torch in her hand. But I think Andy Partridge could have written a top ten about an overweight giraffe had he wished. I love the way he plays with words as they leave his mouth. funny looking chap too.

Also known as the Timelords or the guys who set fire to a million quid or as authors of 'The Manual (or how to how have a number one the easy way)', the KLf ruled the late 80s and Early 90s with thier semi-sarcastic art terrorism. Their most notorious performance was at the February 1992 Brit Awards, where they fired machine gun blanks into the audience and dumped a dead sheep at the aftershow party. This performance announced The KLF's departure from the music business, and in May 1992 the duo deleted their entire back catalogue. Check out the video for 'its grim up north'. They namecheck Featherstone! They namecheck Wigan!
Erol has been bangin' on about these guys for ages. And not without reason. check.

When did band of horses get so fucking big? Letterman? Thats big right? Christ. Im dreading the day i see a little girl wearing a band of horses t shirt at a snow patrol gig. In fact i dread the idea of a snow patrol gig full stop.
However I dont mind that these guys are soft on the ear because Funeral is a beautiful, beautiful song, and the vocals are neither whimsical nor self induldgent. I highly recomend thier album too, Everything all the time. Each of the ten songs is perfect in its own little way.
Watch how Ben repeatedley struggles to hold back his grin as he contemplates performing infront of 4.4 million people.
No pressure mate.

Finally, here is a clip which has, to be fair, done its rounds on the net. But nothing takes away from the The sound that comes out of this kids mouth as he unwraps his n64 (AKA the 2nd best games console of all time after the NES).
It just makes you want to say 'Weve ALL been there kid, you go ahead and do your thing"
But will someone please shoot his little sister?



krisan said...

ha, the last video will never get old. well maybe just a little. the girly is a poser, but boy that boy...passion.

catalina said...

yep, that last video will never get old.

krisan said...

seriously though, that victory fist pump in the air...priceless. they show it on whatever commercial now funny.

kari said...

the slo-mo shot of that kid screaming will haunt my dreams. other than that, sheer hilarity!

Anonymous said...

have to disagree with blaine on the N64 - it's by far the best console ever made. i could live with just a n64, tv and super mario 64.

Isa GT said...

that foals video is shit..such a shame cause I like the song..

Jez said...

XTC are one of those bands that always make me stop and listen whenever I hear them. From the first time I heard them in '78, they've had a special place in my heart.